When the RF connection is critical, the solution is Tri-Tech Semi-Rigid and Flexible Coaxial Cable Assemblies.

RF Flexible Coaxial Cable Assembiles

Tri-Tech’s breadth of expertise and experience makes us the perfect source for your RF Flexible Coaxial Cable.

  • Custom flexible coaxial assemblies to your exact specifications.
  • All RG types- Single Shielded, Double Shielded and Strip Braid.
  • Typical standards are RG142, 178, 188, 214, 316 & 304.

RF Semi-Rigid Coaxial Assemblies

Tri-Tech fabricates RF Semi-Rigid cable assemblies to your exact requirements with today’s most advanced and reliable bending and testing technologies. And that means quick turnaround at any volume.

  • Complex bend configurations.
  • Prototype runs to high volume.
  • Frequency from DC to 40 GHZ.
  • Standard cable diameters .086″ & .141″.
  • Other cable diameters from .034″ to .500″.
  • Phase matching cable assemblies.
  • Electrical length cable assemblies